Tutorial: How To Store Fresh Ginger :: Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Tutorial: How To Store Fresh Ginger :: Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Easy Like a Sunday Morning, that’s how the recipes in my “Easy” category will be. Nothing rushed or frantic, nothing with a long list of ingredients. Something that is so easy, you don’t really need a recipe. Something that almost cooks itself or requires no cooking at all.

I love fresh ginger but I always found it spoiled faster than I could use it. It didn’t seem to matter whether I refrigerated it, or stored it at room temperature. In a bag, or out, half of it always ended up in the compost. That was until I read this How To Use And Store Fresh Ginger post by Hallie Klecker of Daily Bites.

Fresh Ginger lasts for months when you store it in the freezer. I believe Hallie leaves her ginger whole and grates the frozen chunk with a fine grater, or rasp. I’ve tried that and it works like a charm. I think grating ginger when it is frozen, is actually easier than grating it when its fresh.

For myself, I use slices of ginger more often than grated ginger, so I peel and slice my ginger before freezing it. I add the frozen slices to my smoothies, or cook them up in my Homemade Ginger Ale Syrup. I’ve recently started saving and freezing the left over cooked ginger slices after using them in the syrup and find its fantastic in my morning smoothies.

How To Store Fresh Ginger

Step 1: Break off, or cut off the smaller knobs. Use a vegetable peeler to remove the peels from large chunks of ginger. Use a knife to cut off thick ends.

Step 2: Cut the peeled ginger into about 1/8 inch thick slices.


Step 3: Freeze and store slices of ginger in a freezer safe container. I use zip-lock bags and separate my ginger slices into 4 oz lots for use in my Ginger Ale Syrup. There are always spare bits of ginger to store separately for grating into dishes that use of fresh ginger.

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  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for the tip! Last time I froze my ginger it was a mushy mess when I defrosted. Better to peel and slice ahead of time! BTW, Cooks Illustrated did testing on how to best store ginger in the fridge and found that it lasted the longest when stored outside of a bag by itself. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s usually and just keep it in the little mesh type plastic bag it comes in. It lasts a long time!

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